Digital Forms (Voucher)

Digital Voucher

Digital Vouchers are the future of transactions!

Given the digital age demands, banks are moving towards paperless or digital branches.  Simply, filling a paper request is no longer the right approach. More customers are expecting to be able to fill out their requests digitally and process it either online or in a branch in no time.

For a traditional bank, this may require a huge investment to work out the technology and process changes needed to go digital, but with 01 Systems’ Digital Voucher, you will have a solution that can sit on top of your current technology stack and at the same time replicate the paper based process digitally to ensure minimum disruption to your branch usual business!

For countries and regions where regulatory compliance requires a wet signature on a paper, you can still use the same solution and print it at the end to collect the signature and stay compliant until the inevitable regulatory blessings arrive!

Obviously having a digital process would provide a better customer experience, but it is also important to note that all physical archiving and reconciliation overhead and cost would be saved if digital records and vouchers are used instead!

01 Systems’ Digital Voucher is the solution that can transform your vouchers and applications whether those are counter vouchers (teller transactions) or customer service requests’ forms and applications.

The forms will be exactly the same as your paper forms but in a digital format! The forms can be filled by your staff or by the customer, or they can be pre-filed while the customer is waiting for their turn!

In addition to the staff-assisted digital mode, the Digital Voucher solution also supports Digital Kiosks where a customer is identified using 01 Systems’ Identification Solution and then provided with a list of options based on their category, segment, and the specific services available to the customer!

The Digital Voucher solution will not require changes to your existing back end application or infrastructure, on the contrary, it will build on your existing investment and can even integrate with you legacy back end application!

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