Finger vein authentication

Finger vein is a sort of biometrics using finger vein patterns for verifying personal identification.

Finger vein is a sort of biometrics using finger vein patterns for verifying personal identification. With the rapid changes and advances in the Information Technology, Security approach is becoming more critical to successfully secure information, services and systems. The current security approaches used by the Financial Services Industry worldwide are relying on knowledge based codes such as passwords, PIN codes, and tokens. Those can be either cracked, forgotten, shared inadvertently, or lost. A holistic review of the current security approaches has lead the Financial Services Industry to look at a secure authentication method that can be provided by the individuals themselves and that cannot be shared, forgotten or lost. That is where using individual Biometrics came into the picture, those biometrics include Fingerprint, Iris recognition, Palm Vein, Voice and Facial Recognition.

From practicality point of view, Finger Vein technology is one of those that ticks all of the banking requirements when it comes to verifying bank’s customers identity whether in branch, through an ATM, or at home (replacing token device). Finger Vein (FV) technology is usually confused with the Fingerprint technology, in reality though, the FV technology is the answer to all the problems suffered by the Fingerprint technology. For instance, FV works on mapping the internal vein system within a finger and only capturing the live blood stream within the veins, so the ability to forge is not possible using nowadays tech, and cutting an individual finger cannot be used to verify the individual identity.

In addition, the accuracy rates are almost 100 times higher than those achieved with a state of the art fingerprint technology.

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By enabling FV Biometrics, the Bank customers can feel more satisfied by not worrying anymore about a lost or locked out card, instead they can always withdraw or transact using this technology


In addition, the customers can always prove their identity at a branch using FV instead of worrying about having their ID on them all the time. Another benefit is providing such service to Labor accounts, where a debit card might not be needed at all (cost savings). Another use case is Priority banking customers for which the bank can provide FV devices instead of tokens to further secure their online transactions. For banking staff this can also be used as an Access Control method whether for systems’ access or supervisor override within 3rd party applications. Many other applications can be implemented as the technology is flexible and can be applied easily using a standard set of interfaces, so it is only fair to say that the applications are limitless and the FV technology / Biometrics are shaping to be the trusted identity verification technology for the next decade and further.