Following the Industry Best Practices, our BPM solutions help improve organizational productivity and responsiveness, reduce costs, and accelerate cycle times. It provides a collaborative, programming-free process modeling & development environment, flexible integration and workflow capabilities, powerful management modules, and easy to use Web interfaces for process participants.

We offer full, scalable BPM Solutions that allows your organization to model, automate, manage and optimize your business processes; hence you will be able to proactively orchestrate and monitor the execution of your business processes.

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Leveraging various integration adapters, the system extracts data and daily transactions from the main core banking system and other connected systems to transform it to fit auditing needs. Automated methods and business rules are defined to map a transaction with its respective document.

Design, Add & Modify Processes like you do it on paper!

With our Process Designer we enable business processes owners and analysts to design, model, document and optimize business processes without any IT involvement.
Additionally, our organization chart provides a graphical representation of the company’s human resources so that the business process is aware of all of the people, their job functions, reporting relationships and group memberships. This knowledge will simplify your design as it is used for intelligent routing of tasks during the course of a business process.
Meanwhile, all Business designs are available on a collaborative design environment (BPM Studio) for which teams of IT designers use to convert business processes into deployable solutions integrated with databases, electronic forms, business rules, other processes and other systems.

Easy to Use, Simple to Integrate

We provide a flexible easy to use and configurable UI to enable end users with different skill levels to participate in business processes and manage their workload, and the workloads of their subordinates.
The clients provide access to forms to capture and display business information and decisions with fidelity. Form choices include Thin Forms, ASP .NET forms, Adobe PDF Forms, and Microsoft InfoPath forms.
Furthermore, we provide both standard and customized Reports that capture a variety of metrics from live processes to enable process owners to manage resources and optimize business process.
Finally we include an Enterprise Integration Kit that provides developer tools and documentation to create advanced integration with back office and enterprise applications using modern technologies such as Web Services and .NET objects.