CAM™ comprehends an array of modules, developed to improve the traditional approach followed by the corporate banking sector; to analyze, review and manage the credit portfolio permitting lessened potential risk(s), and a continuous measure of the creditworthiness of a particular client at any point of time with the process lifecycle.

The solution package combines state-of-art technology available within the industry to deliver an integrated, multi-tier, consolidated approach to Credit Management mainly covering:

  • Transaction Processing
  • Collaterals Management
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Credit Optimization
  • Data Consolidation
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Higher productivity, efficiency and effectiveness – Improved Customer Relationship!

CAM™ enables collaborative process automation that facilitates:

  • Credit Proposal Preparation:
    verification of customer status with central bank and other banks, risk scoring, customer profitability projections and preparation of pricing proposal
  • Credit Approval:
    selection of approval Authority necessary to review and authorize the proposal based on the various proposal attributes and characteristics
  • Release of Credit facilities:
    Integration of Limit and Collateral Management System

This facilitates presenting a faster lead time, easier front-end lease process with more than one person working on the process at the same time. More applications can be processed leading to more business for the institution, increased customer satisfaction, reduced operating costs, and high focus on strategies for customer-driven growth.

Lower Risk, Wiser Decisions

CAM™ enables Senior Management to take grip better control and quicker decisions utilizing CAM™ analytical platform, which will produce more accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date credit analysis.
With the embedded Decision Support System (DSS) modules, the achieved information can be used time after time for various reasons and, reports can be generated in multiple formats.
By means of this significant inbuilt feature, robust management reports can be generated ranging from daily activity reports to monthly reports.

Compliance – Basel II & Sharia Compliant

CAM™ is designed to fit your internal business processes and policies as well as externally imposed standards and regulations. It provides a smooth and clear path towards compliance with Basel II framework through auditing, monitoring and alerting features.
With CAM™ your institute can easily and fully comply with Sharia principles; your customers can maintain financial relation with your institute while remaining true to Islamic teaching.

Early Warning Signals, Proactive risk management!
CAM™ is also entrenched with a feature(s) known as “Alert Management”. This is a configurable predefined notification module, which will always make sure that predefined tasks are completed in time. Validation can also be enforced to allow alerts to be always in sync with other relating systems.
CAM™ is also localized and has Full Arabic Support.