SigCap, our Signatory Management System, is the result of that close and continued cooperation and interaction with the financial sector. SigCap is utilized by the leading banks in the Middle East and commands the largest installation base.

Powered with robust security, extensive features and capabilities and the use of cutting edge technologies, SigCap is an extremely secure enterprise-wide solution that facilitates the accurate capture, entry and storage of authentication data such as signatory images, customer mandates, account information and its subsequent retrieval and validation across the entire banking infrastructure.

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Unlike Automatic Signature Verification solutions that just verify the signature image, SigCap Fraud Detection and Automatic Signature Verification option provides a comprehensive solution for detecting fraudulent cheques.

Advanced image processing algorithms are utilized to validate the overall cheque along with the signatures. Analyzing the whole cheque image provides stronger protection against forged signatures and fraudulent cheques.
Fraud Detection tests over 200 authenticating features to identify forged signatures.


01 Systems is a pioneer in comprehensive workflow based signature verification solution dating back to 1987. This facility automatically filters signatories depending on rule based co-signatory mandates and speeds up the visual verification process for any document that has multiple co-signatories such as a cheque.

This automated workflow guides users to select as many signatories as required to fulfill one or more account mandate rule covering a given amount. In each co-signatory selection step, only the signatories that are authorized to sign as co-signatories are automatically filtered for display and the user is only concerned with selecting a signatory image. All validation and filtering are automatically carried out by SigCap.
This automatic verification workflow reduces risks with the added advantage of simplifying and speeding up verification. Moreover, validation also includes verification of signatory effective and expiry dates, dormant status, anti-money laundering regulations and so on and is not just limited to cheque amounts.

This same facility when utilized with automatic signature verification reduces verification exceptions and reduces manual operator verification tremendously.

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Natural Choice for Use with Electronic Cheque Clearing Systems.

SigCap’s comprehensive Signatory Management Solution with integrated proven Fraud Detection and Automatic Signature Verification coupled with automatic cosignee mandate rules, verification and batch cheque verification integration is the ideal platform free solution that works efficiently independently and also seamlessly integrates with any electronic cheque clearing solution. The optional batch verification facility allows an operator to view pre-scanned documents such as clearance cheques and compare signatory images to the associated accounts when using visual signature verification. Both manual and automatic verification through an application interface is supported.

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SigCap provides innovative data capture solutions leading to enhanced Customer Relationship Management and a paperless work environment.

Signature Capture workflow can be provided as an integrated facility within existing customer’s account opening solution or alternately the customer can utilize our self-contained account opening solution.

Banks can utilize a wide variety of input devices on fixed teller stations or portable computers. Signature pads can be utilized to capture both a photo replica of customers’ signature for written signature verification as well as biometric signature information for use when utilizing digital signature verification. Customers’ photograph is acquired using a webcam or a digital camera. Customers’ thumbprint, if required, is captured using a standalone thumb print reader or from a signature pad with integrated thumbprint reader.

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To meet the demands of today’s more educated consumers and businesses you need great customer experiences across every channel. SigCap E-Signing makes it easy to securely collect information, automate workflows, and legally sign any document electronically. Whether you need to get documents completed remotely, in person, from your portal or the web, using SigCap E-Signing increases speed to results, reduces costs, and delights your customers.

A powerful platform that makes it easy and secure to transact business faster with prospects, clients, customers, partners and employees. With SigCap E-Signing you can replace manual, paper based processes with elegant online experiences through desktop or mobile devices that transform your customer’s experience.

Key Features:

  • Supports for different signature pads, tablet PCs, IPad, Android & payment terminals
  • Broad Integrate with other applications like DMS, ERP, CRM & BPM solutions
  • Source Independent
  • Adobe Acrobat compatible with Fill out and sign PDF forms Compliant to industry standards


01Systems has incorporated Biometric verification within SigCap to allow customers to avail the latest technologies that can be offered. These include, not limited to, digital signature pads and thumbprint devices that can be used to capture and/or verify customers.

In the scope of almost any business transaction, papers are being printed in order to officially sign and provide original copies to all parties. Having to print documents solely for signing is a costly practice which also requires physical presence of the signatory at a certain location and time. Utilizing SigCap Biometrics capabilities to verify transactions, allows customers to confirm or recognize a person’s identity using a unique biological, physiological or behavioral characteristic.

The prime benefit with SigCap is hardware independent portability and an open solution compatible with a wide range of devices available in the market.
Below is a process illustration which briefly describes verification using biometrics