SigCap - Signature Verification for Banks

SigCap is an Enterprise Signature Verification & Management System to manage customer signature details, accounts information, account mandates and notes.

SigCap fully supports capturing the customer signatures from any medium, whether it’s through traditional scanning of the signatures cards or through digital devices such as signature pads or biometric signature tablets.

SigCap has evolved over the years to support additional biometric technologies, and it was the first in the market to support capturing and verifying using customers’ biometrics such as fingerprint and finger vein. This has enabled banks around the world to have more digital channels for their customers to transact through given that their identity can be safely and securely verified prior to doing any transaction.

Packed with many features such as document attachments, one click mandate, automatic synchronization of data with other systems makes SigCap the #1 choice for a signature management system.

It is also worth mentioning that SigCap is integrated with most of the core banking systems such as: BankFusion, Equation, Finacle, Flexcube, T24, ICBS, BaNCS & others . Moreover, it is also integrated with other systems such as FinnOne, Eximples, Finastra’s Trade Innovation and Siebel CRM.

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